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The ARCANE have all gotten a little NOOK-ie!

I’m really excited to see the entire ARCANE series, dressed in their newest covers, available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Seeing them all together like that has given me a little thrill and an added push to get Tala’s book wrapped up…and covered.

With the new covers I wanted to be sure they really reflected the characters. Each model was chosen (and subsequently photoshopped) to perfectly represent how I saw each character and I am so incredibly pleased with them. I wanted them to have a certain fantasy feel to them because, despite them fundamentally being romance, there is a very authentic paranormal landscape each romance is played across.

In More Than Blood‘s cover, I really wanted to portray the intensity and seriousness of Gabe Ferrar and in the follow up short, Little Bit More, Kel Sheridan is represented exactly as I saw her. I loved both of those covers. Of all of them, More Than Life was my most difficult to do. I’m satisfied with the result, even I don’t exactly love it. Raife Merrick was just a very complicated character to give good face to. He’s intense and serious but still sarcastic and funny. Really, what photo can really show that? So, I consoled myself for the not quite perfect image with amazing golden eyes.

Last, but not least…More Than Truth. I really agonized over this one. I had it narrowed down to three different models, over which I drooled for two days until my mom breezed through, leaned over my shoulder and pointed, “That’s the one.” And it was. You’ll notice that, although it’s a menage, only one character is represented on the cover. I really wanted to keep the tone of the series uniform across all the covers and no matter how I much I played with it, a triad cover just couldn’t get it done. The reason why I chose to portray Tag was because More Than Truth was initially driven by Tag’s character. Believe it or not, Vin wasn’t even a thought until I started writing it. While this was my favorite of the entire series thus far, many of you will be happy to know that I don’t intend to write another menage in the Arcane. While I love to read them, they’re a straight-up bitch to write. No lie. I’d get to the end of a naughty scene only to realize I left one of the guys behind half-way through. Bah!

Just as an added reminder. More Than Blood is still available for free at most online retailers and you can get the follow up short, Little Bit More, for free by signing up for my newsletter.

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The world is mine…or at least the Arcane world is.

A lot of things have been going on behind the scenes here. I recently got the rights back to the Arcane series in its entirety, which means I have all the control now. Insert diabolical laugh here.

So what does that really mean? It means the third book in the series, More Than Truth, will be joining the first two in being offered at a more reasonable price. It also means I fully intend to offer all three in a box set at an even better price in the coming month. I will post the exact release date as soon as I have it.

One thing you will notice right away is that I recovered all of the books and I have to say I love them. You can check them out in the books section of the website. The first book in the series is still available for free on most vendor’s sites out there but I’m going to offer another freebie. Little Bit More is a short continuation of More Than Blood and I want to share my excitement by offering it for free to everyone who signs up for my newsletter.

Pimp My Read

Okay, so this is a completely new concept to me. I have never pimped another author on my website but I couldn’t resist this time.  It goes something like this…I was trolling for new authors to read and I stumbled across an ARe promotion that offered the first book in a series free every day. So, everyday I downloaded the free read and most days I was like “blah” after a chapter or two (yeah, I know, I’m a very picky reader) and I deleted it. Then came this….


I was immediately taken by the cover.  I’ll warn you, Beyond Shame is one of those books that exists outside of the traditional romantic tropes. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a romance going on complete with the fall and splat in love  maneuvering typical to the genre but then there’s also something a little more. I remember being advised at one point  in my career that giving the hero and/or heroine some besties was vital to character development. Kit Rocha takes that element to the next degree and deepens it with a sexual component that, coupled with the post-apocalyptic backdrop, creates an intimacy to the story that just draws you in.

I’ll admit, I usually exclude books from my TBR pile/file where it hints that the main characters are involved sexually on page with other characters that aren’t directly entangled in their HEA. And I was initially turned off by the same elements in this book but I just loved Jasper (the hero) so much. He had the alpha personality that most of us are willing to crawl for in our leading men. He was possessive and protective and Noelle (the heroine) turned to him for guidance in a world where she was clearly out of her element. That made her the perfect guide since I know I was sure as hell out of my element. It was the characters that kept me reading and, in the end, the secondary characters bound the story and created this cocoon you just wanted to exist inside of. The relationships between all the characters were intimate but with a defined hierarchy that plays out through the series…which, of course, I immediately bought and read. It was very Son’s-of-Anarchy-esque…the first couple seasons, not the current one.

Bottom line…I was so taken with the world building and characters that I still sigh every damn time I see the covers. It was a must share type of thing. Anyway…whatever…just go buy the damn series and see for yourself.


The Beyond Series by Kit Rocha







More Than Truth has finally arrived!

AV_MoreThanTruth3Once again it has been a long journey but book three in the Arcane Crossbreeds series is finally available. This was my first ever menage and was it ever a challenge! All three of the characters in More Than Truth were hardheaded and determined that their way was the best way. It made for some funny dialogue and some…ah…interesting situation where my poor Doc had to show them boys who was boss. In the end they all ended up where they needed to be. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

For those of you wondering what happened to book 2…don’t worry, it should be available on Amazon. It got a bright shiny new cover (which I LOVE) and an all new lower price. Also, there is another bonus chapter that shows when Raife first rescued Katya all those years ago. It was a cut section just languishing in my files. I decided it needed to be read. For those of you wanting the details on what happened that fateful night that Katya put those sexy mating marks on Raife, stay tuned. Very soon book one in the series, More Than Blood, will be getting it’s own shiny new cover and that chapter will show up at the end of the re-released version. I’ll post more information soon.

As for the future of the Arcane…yes, there is one. And, yes, it involves Tala.

For now, I’m finishing up the first book in a brand new series about a dark, sexy shifter that grew up fighting in the underground rings of Chicago. I can’t wait.

Happy Reading!


Saturday Snippet – Editing Style

In celebration of finally getting first round (yes, there’s more) edits done on More Than Truth, I thought I would add a little snippet from that book – complete with edits. It’s not something I’ve ever done before but as I was going through fixing up repetitive words and bad grammar I realized what a major difference it makes having an editor slap you around. As you can tell those words that are underlined are new material, those with the strike through them are deleted material and those few words left alone are original. This particular scene is one of the firsts between Brit and Tag. Look see…


From Chapter One: More Than Truth – First Round Edits

Her heart still slammed against her ribs as she knelt there next to him and pressed her, hand pressed to the solid heat of his chest. His heartbeat was steady beneath her palm. Relief flowed through her. SuddenlyHer relief was short lived when he shot his arm up to wrappedwrap his hand around her wrist, holding it to his chest. Startled, she shotdarted her gaze up to meet his intense stare, and tried to pull away but he held pulling against his firm grip.

Doc. Don’t.” His words were little better than guttural moansslow, slurred but his eyes spoke volumes, clinging to hers. Intent. Pleading. She knew what he was trying to tell her. If she did this, then she would lose everything she’d built here. She’d lose him.

The truth of it hurt. There would be no coming back from this and it was all her fault. It had been terribly naïve to believe the horrible genetic research she’d participated in all those years ago would stay buried. She’d wasted years pretending it never existed when she could have been working on a way to counter it.  Now a woman was dying, and if Brit didn’t do something about it, the woman would take her unborn child and mate with her. SheBrit just couldn’t be responsible for another death.

“My misdeeds have caught up to me,” Brit whispered, “and there’s no running this time.”


12345A Little Bit More was supposed to have released on Tuesday but sometimes planets don’t align or whatever happens or don’t happen (as in this case) and things don’t go according to plan.  Such was the case with my short story, however I’ve gotten word that it will release on Thursday and it will be offered for free on the Loose Id site for one week. Even better, it’s mother story, More Than Blood, will be on sale for $4.99 during that time. So you can just download A Little Bit More to get a taste or get More Than Blood for an good price before you read the free short story.

Happy Reading!


Free Short Story

A Little Bit More was one of those unplanned things. It had been nearly two years since I released anything and I had just signed a contract for book three in the series. I thought I owed my readers a little something. It was no surprise that Kel took center stage. The entire time I was writing More Than Truth, which releases in August, I felt as thought there was something up with Kel, the heroine from my first book, More Than Blood. Everytime she showed up, she seemed off – not quite herself. So when the opportunity was offered to put out a short story I knew immediately I had to see what was wrong with Kel. I always thought that Kel and Gabe’s story ended more with a happily-for-now instead of a happily-ever-after. So this is it.

A Little Bit More


Kel Sheridan is a crossbreed and Gabe Ferrar is a pure blood. No two people could come from more different backgrounds and yet they still managed to overcome all obstacles to build a life together. Or have they? What happens when life throws just a little bit more at them?



Get if for free right now at Loose Id.


It’s hard to believe that after two rewrites and months of edits, the sequel to my very first book has finally reached the end of the process. The second book has taken this world I created two years ago with More Than Blood and sent it racing in a new and exciting direction.

Agent Raife Merrick thinks he’s reached the end of the road and he burned up the last of his good intentions sending the most important woman in his life away…for her own good. Or, at least, he thinks so and he couldn’t be more wrong. I loved writing Raife. He’s made the best hero: soft center surrounded by a hard shell with a tangy smart ass coating. Kel, the heroine from the first book, makes a few appearances and I introduced a couple new characters including an anti-hero who may or may not have his own story in the works. **wink wink**  I’ve already started work on Tag’s book which I hope to have done in the next few weeks now that my spawn are back in school.

So browse the new site I made with my own two hands and overactive brain, check out the hot new cover for More Than Life and read the excerpt. And, of course, let me know what you think. I love feedback!

Best wishes,

Amanda Vyne